29/02/2008 - 30/03/2008

Because of my pre-occupation with all these ass-crack stage-hacks I’ve been organizing lately, I’d almost forget to mention that I’m also involved in the organization of Transmissie, another event in Havenkwartier Deventer. It kicked off the 29th of February with Sound by Sculpture by Der Wexel.

Transmissie is somewhat based upon the Gerrit van Bakel exhibition in Havenkwartier Deventer, which is still open till the 13th of April. There is also a very high quality complementary exhibition in SIED (a building nearby), with work by Der Wexel, Reinier Kranendonk, André Kodde and Jos Steenmeijer.

The 14th of March, Theo Jansen comes to tell us about his beachbeasts and Pierre Bastien plays his latest mechanical orchestra. A definitive must-see!

On the 28th of March (my birthday), Joost Conijn, Jean Klare and Daan Roosegaarde tell us about their work and Let’s Make Things Derange (Jeroen Diepenmaat and Rik Marsman) play a wide range of manipulated instruments. Also can’t be missed!

Well… hope to see you there then!

  29/02/2008 - 30/03/2008
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