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07/02/2009 - 22/03/2009

Exhibition in Kunstenlab Deventer. Other participating artists are: Hellen Abma, Sebiha Demir, Aukje Grouwstra, Michael Klinkenberg, Patrick Mangnus + Theo Harmelink. The opening is Friday the 13th, 20:00 hrs. and features a live performance by Jeroen Diepenmaat and Rik Marsman.

I’m showing an adaptation of How Random – Is Random on two digital photoframes (check the video overhere). I’m also showing a simple sound installation with four random channels, continuously generating random compositions from looped audio samples.

Update 1: The audio loops I had originally selected for my new sound installation in Kunstenlab didn’t quite perform like I had hoped they would perform… they were probably still too recognizable as individual beats, melodies and structures. So I decided to chop two pre-recorded piano pieces in seperate notes and chords. This way the outcome is truly a new, continuously executed random composition. I’m replacing the audio tomorrow and have high expectations. After all, Kunstenlab translates as Art Laboratory, so researching and improving my work during the exhibition should be fine… right?

Update 2: The replaced sounds work very nice! As expected, or maybe even better. I also came up with a good title for this sound installation now: Quatre Mains Aléatoire, a random piano composition by four cd players (check the video overhere).

Update 3: Last Friday a lot of people showed up at the opening. The live performance by Jeroen Diepenmaat and Rik Marsman was amazing! Check some photo’s on Flickr and video on Vimeo.

  07/02/2009 - 22/03/2009
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