20/01/2000 - 13/02/2000

Symposium and exhibition in De Broerenkerk in Zwolle. The exhibition showed a selection from the work that had been produced in 15 years of interior architecture at CHK Constantijn Huygens (art academy). Several pieces of my furniture designs were selected for this exhibition. There were lectures by Irene Cieraad, Herman Hertzberger, Wim Prinsen, Niek Kemps, Maarten van Severen and Kees Vuyk.

A book was published about this symposium/exhibition: Vanbinnenuit, Interieurarchitectuur in ontwikkeling (From The Inside Out, Interior Architecture in Development), ISBN 90-6868-268-7. Several pieces of my work are published in this book, including one on the cover and one on the back.

  20/01/2000 - 13/02/2000
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