26/04/1999    Art

Production of a sound recording on audio cassette with ‘viral sounds’ for the exhibition ‘Virus’ in Het Kunststation in Leerdam. A collaboration with Jesse Smale.



30/01/1999    Art, Design 3D, Light

B.E.Z.E.T. is a light object, designed to signal if the toilet is occupied or not. Commisioned by gallery De Parel in Amsterdam.



14/10/1998    Design 3D, Theatre

Decor for theatre play ’15Chemisch’ in Jeugdtheater Hofplein, Rotterdam, directed by Cilla Rijnbeek. Youth theatre play about a murder mystery in the chemistry class room. The play got nominated for best design.


Magnetron Cro-Magnon

13/07/1998    Design 3D, Theatre

Decor, sound, design and direction assistance for theatre play ‘Magnetron Cro-Magnon’, directed by Welmoed Bruinsma. Location theatre, performed in the attic of Almere College in Kampen.