New websites

14/03/2017    Web design & development

In the past few months I completed several new websites and modified several others. Since I didn’t find the time earlier, I’m just going to name two of the larger projects here. Coincidentally both are about discovering and developing talent in the east of the Netherlands…


How Random- Is Random

13/03/2017    Art, Shop

Roughly 350 different proverbs of oriental wisdom, split in half and recombined at random by two digital photo frames, continuously spawning new wisdom.


Gulden Adelaar

12/03/2017    Curating, Other news

Since last week I’m a member of the Advisory Board of the Gulden Adelaar, the cultural award of the city of Deventer.

Work in progress

16/02/2017    Other news, Web design & development

Besides many, many other things I’m currently in the process of re-arranging my portfolio and documentation database. And at the same time I’m implementing a new website design, matching the website of my venue De Perifeer. This might cause some pieces to be temporarily misplaced or missing or look a bit weird. It might take some time (there’s more work to be done), but it will only get better from here. And yes, I know you’re probably supposed to plan these things when work is slow, but that actually never really happens.