New website for Bouwkunde

07/02/2014    Web design & development

Just finished a new website for Theater/Restaurant Bouwkunde in Deventer. The web design is based on the existing graphic design by Jean Klare. I developed the website in WordPress. Due to budget limitations this website doesn’t have a mobile version or a responsive design (yet), but it is fully accessible on mobile devices.

Initially I faced some challenges with the seamless transition from the previous Bouwkunde website to the new one, including the integration of the ticket service that was already in place. Thank you Leon, for your advise. And thank you Raymond, for your excellent hosting service.

Bouwkunde is a very nice, small theatre with a warm atmosphere, and the people who work there are pleasant to work with. Recently I organized one of my ACSH concerts there for the first time, which turned out great, so I’m gearing up for a follow-up. Bouwkunde is also an excellent restaurant. Go there already!