Parallel Counterpart II – Katerstede Harm Ros

13/06/2014    Art

Today is the first day I show a new work at Kunst van Hier tot Ginder. It is entitled Parallel Counterpart II. You can still see it this entire weekend.

I use the landscape behind Katerstede Harm Ros in Dortherhoek (Bathmen) as raw source material in a new audiographic work I created especially for this occasion, entitled ‘Parallel Counterpart II’. The graphical elements present in a selected cutout of the landscape can be read like a musical score with the help of software. You’re looking at sound and listening to what you see.

The soundclip below is a scan of the selected cutout of landscape from left to right, reflected in the stereo image. In the installation this is looped.

Parallel Counterpart II is somewhat derived from another installation I made earlier: Parallel Counterpart.

Many thanks to the lovely family Kloosterboer for their hospitality!